Trafalgar: The Good Life

Trafalgar helps you connect with your travel destination. Get the real thing without worrying about a thing and live your very own pinch me moment across all seven continents of the world.

CAA Exclusive Member Benefit: Save $100 CAD per person on all departures 7 days or longer.

CAA Vacation Amenities: $80 per person on tour credit on select itineraries.*

Two friends taking a walk around the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

See The World

Connect with the true soul of the places you go. With thousands of itineraries and excursions, Trafalgar will have you turning moments into memories. Trafalgar offers itineraries on all seven continents. See Europe & Britain, North & Central America, South America, Africa & the Middle East, Asia, Australia & New Zealand or Antarctica.  

Real Connections

Connect with locals. From secret restaurants to the handcrafted Trafalgar “Be my Guest” experiences with local families, you’ll gain a glimpse into the lives of the people who call these places home. You’ll see the area icons (often with VIP access) so you’ll have more time to get to the heart and soul of your destination.

*Conditions apply. Contact a CAA Travel Advisor for details.

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