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Roadside Assistance

Request Roadside Assistance

Call 1-800-222-4357 anytime you need us or click below to make your request online.

Bike Assist

Call 1-800-222-4357 if you are requiring bike assist.

tire change on side of road

What Does Your Membership Cover?

Your CAA Membership provides peace of mind in the event of a breakdown. Based on your Membership level, your coverage could vary. 

Some helpful hints for when your vehicle breaks down.

  • Make note of where you are – look for landmarks that will help to locate you more easily.
  • Be ready to describe the problem. Whether it’s obvious (such as a flat tire) or more vague (such as an unusual noise), the more you can share the better prepared the technical will be to deal with the issue.
  • Pull off on the right shoulder if possible. Get as far off the road as you can while still staying on level ground. If you have to get out, stay off the road, and don’t stand behind, or in front of your vehicle.
  • Make sure other drivers can see you. Put your hazard lights on, and put out safety cones if you have them.
  • Once you are safe and visible, submit your request for help and clearly describe the situation.
  • Make sure you provide all the relevant information about your situation, and a number where you can be reached if possible.
  • Depending on whether your location is more rural, the wait might be longer, but you should be given an ETA.
  • Stay with your vehicle. It’s best to stay inside with the doors locked…if your wait is long, don’t let the car idle for too long with the windows closed for safety reasons.
  • When the technician arrives remain calm and answer any questions.
  • You should be familiar with your CAA Membership including what is covered and how it will be billed. If you pay for any service, ask for a receipt.
  • Following these tips will get you on your way quickly and safely and help you take full advantage of your CAA Membership.