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Jim Myles was a retired biology teacher and musical theatre director at Fredericton High School for 35 years. He also had a passion for, not only travelling, but leading others in travel. 

As a teacher, Jim would take students all over the world to experience many cultures and immerse them in history.

Upon retirement, Jim worked closely with our CAA Fredericton branch and organized trips for adults including cruises on the Baltic, Mediterranean, in Europe and in China, on the Nile and trips to South America. He also took groups on African safaris, and his annual trip to New York City ran for more than 20 years, longer than most Broadway musicals.

Jim had hand selected an itinerary to mark his retirement and the Farewell Retirement River Cruise was born. Sadly, Jim passed away on March 12, 2017. However, many of Jim’s past guests became known as “The Friends of Jim Myles.” The Farewell cruise sailed on, and now groups continue to travel and hope more people join them, whether they knew Jim personally or not, to discover new places, share stories and make lasting friendships in Jim’s name.

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