6 Packing Tips To Know Before You Go

Road trip, train trek or leaving on a jet plane, these tips for packing a suitcase will get you there and back with minimal fuss.


6 Packing Tips To Know Before You Go


Here are 6 helpful packing tips that you should know before you leave for vacation.

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Jul 06 2022

Packing might seem like a simple pre-travel task, but trust us: it’s actually an art form. To help you prevent wrinkles and avoid over-packing—and ensure you arrive at your destination with all the essentials— we have the advice you need to become a packing pro. Follow these six tips to efficiently prepare for any trip.

1. Roll, never fold This old adage works to keep wrinkles to a minimum. Tops are the only exception. They should be folded, then neatly stacked in a zippered packing cube. Roll delicates with tissue paper to prevent further wrinkling. Bottoms can be rolled and then arranged in the cubes, too. If you have to take a suit jacket of any kind, wear it instead of packing it. If you must pack one and you’re not taking a garment bag, fold it inside out, aligning the shoulders, then roll.

2. Research the amenities Is there laundry service at your hotel or resort, or a washer and dryer on site? A quick Internet search for a laundromat in the neighbourhood can reduce the amount of things you need to take by half. So instead of a giant suitcase, a carry-on might be sufficient.

3. Limit to one item of each kind Edit your wardrobe down to one of each when it comes to jackets, suits, skirts, jeans and khakis. Bring just one black shirt, for example, rather than all five in your closet. Dress up versatile neutrals with colourful accessories, like scarves, ties, pocket squares and statement (but inexpensive) jewellery, which can be packed in small plastic bags or a clear pouch. And never pack anything you would be sad to lose.

4. Separate all toiletries Pack small bottles of liquid products in one toiletry bag and dry items like razors and cotton swabs in another. This way, if you’re just using a carry-on, the dry items aren’t taking up precious liquid space. It goes without saying that everything needs to be travel size, but try to select toiletries that do double duty, such as a moisturizer with an SPF and a shampoo and conditioner in one.

5. Pare down the footwear Take just one pair of shoes in each style—one dress, one casual (and comfortable), one trainer and one pair of sandals or boots. Make sure that at least one pair is waterproof. Select a runner that looks good with casual pants. Don’t forget flip-flops for the pool. Pack socks inside shoes to maximize suitcase space. Use either cloth shoe bags or plastic bags if you’re heading somewhere wet or snowy.

6. Always be prepared Pack a fold-up vinyl bag in case you over-shop. And never close your suitcase without adding a swimsuit— a hot tub might be just around the corner.

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