Benefits of CAA Premier

CAA Premier is the perfect way to get even more great services from CAA.  Extended benefits offer more assistance when you're on the road, when you're travelling in Canada or abroad - even when you need to make an important decision about your car.  So look over the services listed below and see just how much more peace of mind you can get with CAA Premier.

Expanded Roadside Assistance - We can tow you up to 320 km...

With CAA Premier, your range of towing expands up to 320 km on one of your five allowable service you have many more options as to where to tow your car for repairs.  You can be towed up to 160 km on the remaining four allowable calls. Premier Members and Premier RV Members are entitled to one tow up to 320km.

A Two-Day Complimentary Rental Car (In conjunction with a tow)

If your vehicle is towed by CAA and you are stranded without transportation, just ask us for help! We'll arrange a midsize class rental car for two days at no charge from CAA's preferred rental car provider. With CAA Premier, each Premier Member (including Associates) is entitled to one complimentary consecutive two-day midsize class rental car per Membership year, when the tow is one of the five allowable Roadside Assistance calls. This benefit is valid for Premier Members who are within 160 km from their residence.

Service must be provided by the preferred rental car provider and arranged through CAA. The CAA Premier Member has up to 48 hours from the time of the tow to request and begin the two-day complimentary rental car. CAA Premier Members are responsible for subsequent days rental charges (at a reduced rate), upgrades, vehicle insurance, mileage and fuel charges, and any other charges, fees and taxes. Normal rental qualifications, including age restrictions, and other restrictions apply. The Premier Member must have a valid credit card to rent a vehicle. If the preferred rental agency is not available, CAA provides a reimbursement allowance on a mid size class rental to a maximum of 2 days.

Trip Interruption Protection

CAA Premier Members will have higher level coverage when traveling by auto more than 160 km from home. If the Member's trip is interrupted due to an accident*, mechanical breakdown**, car theft+, unexpected illness or injury++, the Member can be reimbursed up to $2000 cdn for covered out-of-pocket expenses that were incurred within the first 72 hours after the incident.  Eligible expenses can include meals and accommodations while waiting for the vehicle to be repaired OR substitute transportation to continue the trip. The combined annual limit payable when auto breakdown is a result of accident, fire, or theft is $2000 cdn. In the case of auto breakdown, as a result of mechanical failure, combined annual limit payable is $600 cdn. The Vehicle Return benefit will reimburse eligible Members up to $500 cdn for transportation of the vehicle back to the Premier Member's primary residence when an unexpected illness or injury prevents the completion of the covered travel.  Please contact your nearest Member Service Centre for details.

Free Passport Photo

Every Premier Member is eligible to receive one free passport photo from a CAA Member Service Centre per Premier Membership year. A value of $15.


*To be eligible for accident/fire/car theft reimbursement the Member’s vehicle must have been deemed unsafe and/or inoperable.  Proof of same condition must be provided by police, insurance adjustor and/or qualified mechanical technician.  The Member must submit a photocopy of the police report or letter from insurance adjustor describing the accident.  Original receipts for all eligible expenses must be submitted. 
**To be eligible for mechanical breakdown reimbursement the Member’s vehicle must have been deemed unsafe and/or inoperable.  Proof of same condition must be provided by a licensed mechanical technician.  Member must present a photocopy of the invoice from the garage that repaired the vehicle.  Original receipts for all eligible expenses must be submitted.
***Emergency Travel and Medical Assistance and Concierge Services are applicable only to planned leisure trips 160 km from the CAA Premier Member's primary residence, which include at least one overnight stay and are not longer then 45 days in duration. The Member must purchase the CAA Premier service prior to the travel departure date in order to use these services. Certain restrictions and limitations may apply. Benefits subject to change without notice.
+To be eligible for claims Member must provide proof from a licensed medical facility or practitioner confirming the illness/injury and the Member's inability to operate their motor vehicle. Member must present original receipt for transportation of the vehicle.