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If you’re spending less time behind the wheel, CAA MyPace is the only auto insurance payment program in Canada for low-mileage drivers. You get the freedom and control to pay only for the distance you drive, helping you save on insurance costs!

Enrolling in CAA MyPace is completely optional, allowing you to opt in and out of the program if it makes  sense for you, so there’s no penalty to shift to CAA’s traditional auto insurance plan. Here’s how it works:

Get Started

Enroll in CAA MyPace and pay your base rate plus your first 1,000 kilometres.

Take Control

Plug in a simple device that stays in your vehicle and keeps track of your mileage.

Monitor Your Usage

Download the CAA MyPace app to your smartphone or log into the online portal to track your mileage.


Drive as usual. Coverage in 1,000 km increments is reloaded automatically, notifying you each time.

Save Money

Drive down your auto insurance costs by paying only for the distance you drive and nothing more.

Take Control

Low-mileage drivers take control of their car insurance. You purchase in 1,000 km increments.




To find out if CAA MyPace is right for you, visit  

*Savings are an example only and are not an indication of actual savings. Individual savings may be more or less than noted. Vehicle compatibility and enrollment in CAA MyPace payment program is subject to terms and conditions. Available in Nova Scotia 10.01.2020 | New Brunswick 12.01.2020 | PEI 02.15.2021.

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