For the sixth year, Atlantic Canadians will be able to submit their vote when it comes to which roads are the region’s worst to drive on. From April 6 to April 29, 2016, CAA will be asking all Atlantic Canadians to vote for Atlantic Canada’s Worst Roads. Any and every road in Atlantic Canada, in Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick is eligible to be named Worst Road.

Atlantic Canada’s Worst Roads campaign is an opportunity for all Atlantic Canadians to have a say in which roads are in need of attention. Poor road conditions affect everyone, so CAA is inviting everyone across the region to have their say. The results will be compiled and a top list of Atlantic Canada’s “Worst Roads” will be published after the campaign closes. This campaign not only gives citizens a platform to bring attention to roads in need of repairs, it also gives governments a forum to share repair updates or maintenance plans with the public.

Roads and driving safety have always been a priority to CAA. In addition to putting a focus on troublesome and even dangerous road conditions in the region, the campaign is expected to actively encourage municipalities and other jurisdictions to take action and make repairs.

Ongoing road maintenance is essential to ensure that we all can enjoy safe, economical, environmentally responsible and pleasant drives to work, school, and play. Through its research, CAA has established that by the time you add up the costs of traffic congestion, repair costs, municipal and gas taxes, and various other costs, a bad road could cost the average motorist up to $3,000 per year.


Update on the 2015 Worst Roads:

  1. Gillis Point Road (Washabuck Centre, N.S.): Update Requested
  2. Charters Settlement Road (Charters Settlement, N.B.): Update Requested
  3. Marble Mountain Road (River Denys, N.S.): Update Requested
  4. Newfoundland and Labrador 480 (Burgeo, N.L.): Update Requested
  5. New Brunswick 616 (Keswick Ridge, N.B.): Update Requested
  6. Highway 434 (Conche, N.L.): Update Requested
  7. Markland Road (Whitbourne, N.L.): Update Requested
  8. Main Street (Tobique First Nation, N.B.): Update Requested
  9. New Brunswick 105 (Mactaquac, N.B.): Update Requested
  10. Terradore Lane (Hammonds Plains, N.S.): Potholes dialed to 311 system and repaired in less than a week (of last year's campaign).