Wonderful and Knowledgable Trip Planning Advice!

My husband and I decided that we would be taking our 3 beautiful and well deserving children on a trip to Disney as a surprise. We knew when we wanted to travel, where we wanted to stay and for how long, we just needed help figuring out all the details. My husband and I have never been away before and this was a huge decision we were making being travel newbies! We needed to feel as though we knew we were making the right decisions and that we would not have to worry about flight cancellations or problems along the way. We visited several travel centers, and felt as though this trip would never be planned. Every time we went to a new agency we left feeling discouraged and no further ahead! CAA on Joseph Howe Drive in Halifax was the next agency on our list to talk to, and fortunately we were blessed with the help of Michelle. After speaking with her for 20 minutes we knew all the details of our trip and felt so comfortable since she filled in all the cracks of our worries. Two days later we had our trip booked and paid for and knew we made the right decision! One day before we were leaving I noticed there was a minor spelling error of our daughters name on our flight information, panicked I called Michelle worried it would be too late to fix. Immediately she had it fixed with a new ticket with the proper spelling, proving we made the right decision. We went on our trip to Disney without a worry, and enjoyed every minute of it! We cannot thank Michelle enough for the confidence she gave us in travelling for the first time, especially with 3 kids in tow!

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