Thanks for the Quick Service

Having finally received my learners permit to drive on my own at 30 I knew CAA would be on my list of things to do. Where we live is kind of out there so the Premier Membership was the one I wanted. My family gave me money for a Membership for my 30th birthday. A week later I finally got around to signing up for it. I recorded my Membership Number in my phone as I had trouble printing my temporary card off.

The next morning, after shovelling out after a storm, I headed off to work down our snowy road. Crawling along I saw a car coming and in making sure I was on my side I caught slush and next thing I knew I was spinning in a circle headed for a deep ditch. In I went, back end first. Thank God I didn't flip.

The nice gentleman behind me and the driver of the other car helped me out. When I finally got my CAA Number out I called CAA and the lady was so helpful! Considering that I was 20 mins from two small towns with towing services the truck was her within 30 mins.  He got me out, checked the car to make sure I could drive it... luckily too, one of the guys from the local shop was driving by and confirmed that I was ok to go.

Thanks for the quick service -- didn't think I would need you so soon!

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