A Member as Long as We Own a Car

My wife and I did a trip to Ottawa to go see the Madonna concert in 2012. This was part of our honeymoon and our itinerary was 2 nights in old Quebec, 2 nights in Ottawa and then 2 nights in Montreal.  We left on a Thursday.  It’s was 9:30 PM and we were 149 KM away from our first destination when we accidentally hit a raccoon and destroyed our radiator. We were in the a very small town and late at night and didn’t know what to do, so we called CAA. Since we had the “Premier” Membership, CAA was able to tow us all the way to our first destination, Quebec.  In Quebec, the next day we were able to schedule repairs and rent a car to continue our trip. When we returned to Quebec after our stays in Ottawa and Montreal, our car was fixed! My wife said "we will never travel without CAA". In the end, thanks to CAA, we ended up doing our itinerary as originally planned.

Thank you CAA, you have us as Member for as long as we own a car!

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