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After a break down on a cold winter night, I was in need of a tow truck. Searching for a phone number for a towing company, waiting for them to arrive and paying over $150 for a tow charge fee made for a upsetting evening. After mentioning to a friend what had happened, she asked me why on earth I wasn't a CAA Member? She then explained to me how easy it was. A yearly Membership fee (which was cheaper than my tow charge was), a CAA Membership card with a phone number to call listed right on it for fast, friendly service to literally solve your problem for you! How convienent is that!! Not to mention all of the discounts that Members receive on hotels, movie tickets, etc. Needless to say, I immediately signed up. And thank goodness I did. I had to make four calls in the following year. The hassle free service by the customer service representatives and the CAA representatives that came to my rescue is some of the best service I have ever received. And thanks to CAA Dollars received from getting my gas at Circle K locations, my renewal was almost free! There is no doubt that I will continue to be a life long Member. Thank you CAA for being there :)

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