I Love Being a CAA Member

My husband bought me a new car, a Honda Civic, and one day I was in the yard doing my gardening and enjoying the sun. I thought it would be nice to put the music on in the car, which has a nice cd player, so I could work outside and enjoy my favorite tunes at the same time.  I lost track of time and didn't realize I was out there that long and of course I killed the battery in my car.  I called CAA and they came to give me a boost.  I was so surprised and pleased at how fast and efficient and friendly the CAA man was who was driving the truck.  One call and fast and reliable service.  It was like calling a friend and them saying "I'll be right over to give you a hand". 

I also enjoy the CAA discounts that we get when we travel and stay in hotel.  Our daughter and two grandchildren were with us this summer and we travelled to Moncton NB and used our CAA Membership to get a discount on the hotel.   I love being a CAA Member and love knowing that help is just a phone call away with the winter months coming up and the car trouble and inconveniences that sometime come with that.  In fact, I called to today to get a price on a Disney Cruise Vacation for our two grown children and our two grandchildren.  This is one of my dreams is to travel once with all of us together. It would be totally awesome to have a FAMILY vacation all together. It is nice to have CAA check out all the details for us.

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