Don't Let Your CAA Expire

My story begins as my husband and I, along with our friends, were camping in Five Islands, Nova Scotia. We were gettig ready to go to dinner after a long day of setting up and clam digging when I start searching for my keys. None to be found! One was locked in our glove compartment and the other in the trunk. My husband said "just call CAA" and I would have if I didn't let it expire a month previous. We went to see a park employee who happened to know a blacksmith. Half an hour later this little elderly man drove up and climbed out of his car with a crutch in one hand and coat hanger in the other. He got our car unlocked and drove off.  Moral of my story... Don't let your CAA expire! You never know when you may need it, it will catch you at the worst times. I have kept it since. I also encourage my friends to have it as well, it will pay for itself.

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