School Zone Safety

Helping children get to and from school is important to us, and we think it should be important to you, too. No matter what time of year or day, it is important for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians alike to pay extra attention when travelling through school zones. We’ve put together a few tips to make everyone’s commute safer!


Tips for Students

  • Stop before stepping onto the road and only cross at designated road-crossing
  • Look in all directions before crossing the street, even in designated crossing zones
  • Listen for traffic
  • Don’t text and walk!
  • Walk, don’t run, across the road


Tips for Bus Safety

  • Be at the bus stop ahead of time
  • Stand back from the edge of the road in a safe location
  • Hold the hand rail when boarding or exiting the bus
  • Keep feet out of the aisle to avoid tripping others
  • Keep your head and arms inside the bus
  • Always follow the bus driver’s instructions


Tips for Parents and Drivers

  • Plan your route to your child’s school and make sure you are dropping him/her off in a safe and school-approved location.  Alleviate traffic and keep our schools zones and kids safe
  • Consider alternate methods of transportation to school: cycle, walk or use public transportation
  • Slowdown in school zones regardless of the time of day or time of year. Kids play in school playgrounds outside school hours. and be ready to stop as children may dart out between parked vehicles
  • Always check for children on the sidewalk, driveway and behind your vehicle before backing up
  • Try to make eye contact with children waiting to cross the street




Pick a Designated Pick up Spot

That’s safe and easily accessible to your child

Be Distracted

Put down the coffee or phone and keep your    eyes on the road

Always Signal

Whether driving or biking, share your intentions with other drivers on the road

Park in no Parking or Stopping Zones

Even if it’s for a few minutes. Plan ahead and meet at your designated pick up spot

Wear a Helmet

Encourage your children to wear a properly fitted helmet while biking to school


If you stop for longer than 10 seconds, it’s more fuel efficient to shut off your car

Stop for Buses

When they are stopped with lights flashing

Ignore Crosswalk Guards

They are there to protect youngsters when they cross the street. When crossing guards extend their flag or signs and enter the street, come to a complete stop and wait for all pedestrians to cross