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Featured CAA Member Story

Dieter Jilge

We're very happy campers... I mean Members!

I was at the parking garage at the Halifax Airport. My wife came back from a trip to Europe. She arrived, surprisingly, 10 minutes early, so we thought to get home early too. We had to travel 220 km to Bear River, N.S. The suitcases were loaded...ready to take off...but the old Mercedes didn't start. After many attempts to start it we gave up and called CAA. They came within 20 minutes, pulled us out off the Airport garage to the next gas station. Within 5 minutes a flatbed truck showed up, pulled the car on it and drove us home to Bear River. The driver was a very safe and friendly driver, he knew his stuff. So I have to say that the CAA service was 100 % perfect. On time, professional people, good job. We're very happy campers... I mean Members!

Marlene Dewar

A Wonderful Experience

I just wanted to tell you about the wonderful experience I had today with CAA Roadside Assistance. I was in Fredericton for work and locked my keys in my car. I panicked because I had to be back in Saint John to pick up my children from daycare and just didn't have time for this. I called CAA at 3:25pm and the lady said someone would be there within the hour. Within 5 min my saving grace Tovey arrived and had my doors open in no time. I was on the road by 3:40pm. I couldn't have asked for better service . Tovey was so very nice and friendly. I'm sure people are quick to complain, so I wanted to take the time to let you know that my first experience with CAA Roadside Assistance was extremely positive and Tovey represented your company in such a great way. THANK YOU!

Len MacDonald

No Fuelling Around

“I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name…”

A Horse with No Name - America

When taking a long road trip, some careful planning is required.  Once the destination has been established, and the route chosen, there are many other considerations.  How many miles a day will you drive?  What will the budget be for food, lodging and fuel?  What are the “must see” sights, and when will you put the hammer down and put on some major miles?

Travelling in the United States is a straight ahead proposition.  It’s hard to go more than 20 miles without seeing a sign for hotels and gas stations.  And, of course, the “golden arches” are as plentiful and ubiquitous as our own Tim Horton’s coffee shops up North.

On a recent transcontinental journey covering close to 10,000 kilometers, my son, Peter, and I spent most of the journey south of the border.  We witnessed some extraordinary music in both Nashville and New Orleans, and sampled the vast array of cuisine available as we passed from one state to the next.

One thing veteran road warriors know is to always keep your gas tank as close to full as possible. Virtually every time we stopped, we topped off the tank with some of the cheapest gas you can imagine.  There was one exception.  Texas.  The “Lone Star State” is huge and the landscape is dotted with plenty of exits to service areas.

At one of our pit stops we decided to take a pass on gasoline.  Prices can fluctuate wildly from town to town and even within towns.  Gasoline in the U.S. is not as highly regulated as it is in Canada.  Seeing that we had 250 kilometers (160 miles) left in the tank, and with gas a bit higher in price than the last time we fuelled, we hit the road.

This particular stretch of Texas was barren, to say the least.  The miles crept by and we started to pay close attention to our ever dwindling supply of petrol.   With just 15 kilometers remaining before we would run out, we heaved a great sigh of relief as we saw an exit ahead with the familiar Exxon logo on the sign.  We were in the middle of nowhere.  Actually, nowhere turned out to be Bakersfield; population: 2 – the service station owner and his wife.  There were about a dozen vehicles in a lineup, which seemed a bit odd as the price of gas at this station was higher than usual.  Nobody was at the pumps, which added to our curiosity.  Maybe the other drivers were inside buying lottery tickets, or arranging for sight-seeing tours.

And then we noticed yellow plastic bags covering the pumps, with the words “no gas available” emblazoned for all to see.  A serious ice storm a few days prior had caused widespread fuel shortages in the region.  We were in the desert with no gas.  I looked around the sky to see if I could spot any vultures.

It quickly became apparent that we were all in a bind when we found out that a fresh shipment of gas would not arrive until noon the following day.  The mood was sombre to be sure.  The only bright spot was the fact that there was cellular service.  People were frantically calling AAA.

We pulled our car across the street onto a patch of ground and assessed the situation.  From our vantage point, the good news was that we didn’t have a strict timetable and, other than being inconvenienced, it wouldn’t be the end of the world to spend a night in the desert.  Also, because we were intrepid travellers, we were well equipped to withstand adversity.  We had lots of water on board along with a cooler full of snacks and fresh fruit.  Like boy scouts who are always prepared, we had 4 bottles of ice cold Sierra Nevada pale ale.  I had this vision of a midnight auction with each bottle fetching $20.

And we had a couple of guitars.  I wondered how many folks would be able able to chime in on the chorus to “Song for the Mira”.

I placed a call to CAA and explained our predicament.  A calm voice on the other end assured me that, one way or another (delivery of fuel or a tow), we would not spend a night under the stars.  Part of me was disappointed as I pondered the story that could have come out of our predicament.

As we waited for a call back from CAA, a half ton truck pulled up and out strode two Good Samaritans in the guise of cowboys.  In the back of their truck were several jugs of gasoline, which they promptly disbursed to the anxious throng.  We held back knowing that our fate was secure thanks to CAA.  They distributed enough fuel for everyone to make it to a service station in a town 17 miles away.  They had one gallon left when we got to the head of the line which we hastily purchased, even though they didn’t request any money.

We headed for McCamey, reputedly the “wind energy capital of Texas”, population 189.  And there was lots of gas to be had.  We filled the car and headed down the road toward El Paso.  

Too bad we missed the desert tailgate party.  Oh well, perhaps we’ll find Marty Robbins tuning up in Rosa’s cantina.

I write humour columns for several newspapers and have published two books of short stories. You can visit my website at

Photo credit to my son, Peter MacDonald.

David Cutler

I am very pleased to be a CAA Member!

My wish today is to let CAA know how much I appreciated their response to a battery problem I experienced last week and how pleased I was that employee Roger appeared to give me a boost.  In fact, Roger had to return a second time.  He was knowledgeable, pleasant, efficient and helped turn what could have been a very ill timed car difficulty into a moment far less difficult.  I have complimented Roger's assistance to many of my friends.  I am very pleased to be a CAA Member and even moreso that Roger was there to help me out.

Patti Waller

One of the "A's" in CAA MUST stand for "angels"!

Well, it's been a little over a week since we've returned from the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida trip that you planned for us.

I had to email you to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to you for your care, patience and professionalism.

The boys and my aunt Mary Lynn and I had the time of our lives in Florida. The Caribbean Beach resort? Absolutely amazing. The Dining plan? So worth it! It was with heavy hearts that we took off our Magic Bands at the airport for the return trip!

All I can think about is getting on a plane and going right back!

Again, thank you so very much - one of the "A's" in CAA MUST stand for "angels"!

Meredith LeBlanc

Thank you so much to CAA and Rick!!

On March 17th, we were driving to the Saint John Regional Hospital as my mother was scheduled for surgery.  On the way there, we hit a huge pothole and noticed when we got to the hospital parking lot that the front left tire looked flat.  With no time to spare, we rushed into the hospital and resolved to look at the tire later.

We called CAA later in the day and Rick from Loyalist City Towing showed up promptly.   It turns out that the tire wasn't flat, it was just very low on air (as were the others).  Rick filled up all 4 tires and advised us to get them looked at (which we have).

His prompt, professional and cheerful service, on a brutally cold March day, was amazing!  Worrying about having a flat tire was the last thing we needed that day.

Thank you so much to CAA and Rick!!

Ruth Ross

Random Act of Kindness

I would like to report a random act of kindness that one of your drivers, Rick, performed for me. This man is incredible. He noticed that I had a flat tire in a parking lot in Uptown Saint John, he pumped it up and left me a note on the back of an envelope under my windshield.  I didn’t come out of work until 7pm that night and I thought “ugh, there’s some crummy flyer” and here was this wonderful, wonderful message telling me that I should get my tire checked (which I’ve done).  I guess maybe I should join CAA! I’m showing this to everybody. I am so, so impressed and thankful for what Rick did!

Pamela Steeves

A Friendly Voice in a Stressful Situation

I have purchased my CAA Membership for years for that "just in case" senario.  Well, this year I am so glad I kept up my Membership. This past winter I have had flat tires twice. The most scary one was at 9:00pm at night, on a dark road in winter and a very cold night. I called for roadside assistance and the agent was a friendly voice in a stressful situation. Even trying to describe where I was located was a challenge but he walked me through it. It was a cold night -15 with the wind chill and I was so happy when I saw the repair flatbed pull up behind my vehicle and put the emergency lights on. I had not seen another car in a long time and he was a light in a dark night. The truck driver had to get the spare under the car and all the while he was extremely friendly and calmed my nerves and made a stressful situation bearable. He left me with a smile and a bit of welcome advice, "remember, we are here when you need us". That night CAA was where and when I needed them and I will continue to be a loyal customer.  Keep up the great work!

Donald C. Harris

Worth Every Penny

Along the way in the past 10 years my wife and I realized we used CAA quite often. So we upgraded to the Premier plan. Then on renewal last spring, we signed up for the RV coverage too. In July we were travelling on the 104 in 34 degrees humidex towing the 5th wheel, when a rear tire blew damaging some of the wheel well covering. Called CAA. Within 30 minutes the service truck came and changed the tire and got us on our way. Total time on the side of the road for all that? 60 minutes. The peace of mind in these emergencies that keep popping up is worth every cent of what I am paying. Thank you CAA.

Tiena and Terry Buckley

I Love Being a CAA Member

My husband bought me a new car, a Honda Civic, and one day I was in the yard doing my gardening and enjoying the sun. I thought it would be nice to put the music on in the car, which has a nice cd player, so I could work outside and enjoy my favorite tunes at the same time.  I lost track of time and didn't realize I was out there that long and of course I killed the battery in my car.  I called CAA and they came to give me a boost.  I was so surprised and pleased at how fast and efficient and friendly the CAA man was who was driving the truck.  One call and fast and reliable service.  It was like calling a friend and them saying "I'll be right over to give you a hand". 

I also enjoy the CAA discounts that we get when we travel and stay in hotel.  Our daughter and two grandchildren were with us this summer and we travelled to Moncton NB and used our CAA Membership to get a discount on the hotel.   I love being a CAA Member and love knowing that help is just a phone call away with the winter months coming up and the car trouble and inconveniences that sometime come with that.  In fact, I called to today to get a price on a Disney Cruise Vacation for our two grown children and our two grandchildren.  This is one of my dreams is to travel once with all of us together. It would be totally awesome to have a FAMILY vacation all together. It is nice to have CAA check out all the details for us.