Make Time for Winter Tires

November 25, 2014 – Saint John, N.B.  – CAA (Atlantic) is reminding Atlantic Canadians to tread carefully this winter, especially when it comes to the tires they have on their vehicle.

“Thinking about your tires is critical to safe winter driving,” says Gary Howard, Vice President of Communications at CAA (Atlantic). “It’s something we encourage drivers to think about this time of year, before winter arrives in full force and people end up in dangerous driving situations.”

Why make the switch to winter tires?

  • Winter tires help reduce breaking distance on cold, wet, ice and snow-covered roads by up to 25 per cent.
  • Winter tires stay flexible in cold temperatures and ensure excellent grip and braking on wet roads.
  • When winter tires are installed in sets of four, they maximize vehicle handling, stability and breaking.

“Using the appropriate tires will help the tires last longer, improve safety and reduce fuel consumption,” says Howard. “Making sure they are installed now can go a long way towards a safer journey when you’re behind the wheel this winter.” It’s also recommended that drivers check their vehicle’s tire pressure at least once a month when the tires are cold, after it’s been standing idle for a few hours, the air inside a tire contracts and the pressure drops in colder weather.

The tread of the tire itself is also important, as most tires have built-in indicators that will tell you when it’s time to replace them. “When buying winter tires, drivers should look at the sidewall for an image of a peaked mountain with a snowflake,” say Howard.  “This symbol indicates that the tire meets specific snow traction performance requirements and has been specifically designed for use in severe snow conditions.” Drivers should ask their tire dealers to regularly rotate their tires and to check their vehicle’s alignment when changing them over.

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