Atlantic Canadians ID Worst Roads

May 1, 2014 - Saint John, NB – Atlantic Canadians voters have identified the top ten Worst Roads in the region. CAA’s fourth annual Worst Roads campaign, which ran from March 25 to April 25, 2014, attracted nearly 5,300 votes for roads across Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

“This campaign puts a real focus the number of dangerous road conditions in the region,” said Gary Howard, Vice President Communications for CAA. “The Worst Roads campaign gives citizens a platform to bring attention to declining roads in their area. The fact that so many Atlantic Canadians care enough to take notice and submit their vote underscores the importance of road repairs across the region.”

The Top Ten Worst Roads in Atlantic Canada are:

  1. Gillis Point East Road (Washabuck Centre, NS)
  2. Trans-Labrador Highway (Forteau, NL)
  3. Hanwell Road (Fredericton, NB)
  4. New Brunswick 630 (Andersonville, NB)
  5. Park Street (Kentville, NS
  6. Pleasantview Avenue (Paradise, NL)
  7. Chemin Ammon Road (Ammon, NB)
  8. Marble Mountain Road (River Denys, NS)
  9. Trans-Canada Highway (New Haven, PE)
  10. Aylesford Road (Aylesford, NS)


The campaign offers voters the opportunity to send a strong message to politicians about the declining state of roads and why it’s important to repair them. “We’re engaging all necessary levels of government to encourage repairs and changes, and give them a forum for communicating their maintenance plans to their constituents and the public,” says Howard. “It’s our practice at the end of this campaign to reach out to all three levels of government for each of the top ten roads to see if there are repairs or upgrades planned.” This information is made available to CAA Members and the public via the Worst Roads website as it’s received.

Roads and driving safety have always been a priority to CAA. “We think it’s important that the public understand that all levels of government share our concerns for the state of roads, and the effect of dangerous roads on our safety and economy. We hope Worst Roads can help create a forum for governments to communicate with their constituents their maintenance plans for all roads in Atlantic Canada.”

Ongoing road maintenance is essential to ensure that we all can enjoy safe, economical, environmentally responsible and pleasant drives to work, school, and play. Through its research, CAA has established that by the time you add up the costs of traffic congestion, repair costs, municipal and gas taxes, and various other costs, a bad road could cost the average motorist up to $3,000 per year.

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is a federation of nine clubs providing more than 6 million Members with roadside assistance, complete automotive and travel services, Member Rewards and comprehensive automotive and travel services. CAA also advocates on issues of concern to its Members, including road safety, the environment, mobility, infrastructure and consumer protection. For more information on CAA Atlantic’s Worst Roads Campaign visit

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