TourBooks®. More fun to browse than the Sears catalog at Christmas.

It can be fun to be spontaneous and go somewhere without a lot of planning. It’s NOT very fun when you get back and realize you missed something you would have loved to see. A little research doesn't have to interfere with your sense of adventure.


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Have you seen the new TourBook®?

CAA is introducing a new format for TourBooks®, redesigned for easier use based on our Members' feedback. For each city, you'll find attractions, hotels and restaurant listings all in one place – no more flipping from front to back.

Stop by your local CAA Member Service Centre for free Maps, Personal Travel Maps and TourBooks®. We also have Personal Travel Planners you can chat with anytime, plus some excellent merchandise.


Always free to Members, CAA TourBooks® are available for travel destinations throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Again, free to Members (there’s a pattern here), CAA eTourBooks® highlight major North American travel destinations and can be loaded onto e-readers like Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, the Kobo, Sony Reader, Apple iPad, and smartphones with e-reader applications.


You guessed it, free to members, CAA CampBooks® are a huge help with planning your next outdoor adventure. Each regional guide is updated yearly to provide you with site descriptions and rates throughout the U.S. and Canada.