Save 100% on Maps. (They’re free for Members.)

Maps on smartphones and looking up directions online are amazing tools. But having an actual map is always comforting to have on any trip. No batteries or cell service required.

Maps for CAA Members

No one likes asking for directions, so we try and make sure you don’t have to. We have free Maps that cover hundreds of cities, parks, and plenty of popular destinations in Canada and the U.S. They’ll also show you:

  • CAA and AAA Member Service Centres
  • Gas stations, road mileage, and highway exits
  • CAA Approved lodging, restaurants, attractions, and more

    Need Driving Directions?

    Sometimes a huge sprawling map is too much when all you really want is simple step-by-step instructions to get from point A to B. We have you covered. Learn more about Personal Travel Maps, personalized driving directions that take you door to door.