We always said you were going places!

We’ll help you reach anywhere you want to go. We’ll even help you map your route door to door.

Map Your Road Trip

Let’s figure out the best way to get you where you’re going.

Free Personal Travel Maps

We can create a customized printed or online map to take you door to door that shows your route, detours, even places to stop. We have all kinds of trusty regular maps as well.

Order Free TourBooks®

Get hundreds of pages worth of information on almost any location in North America. Restaurants, hotels, attractions, they cover it all. And if that sounds a little overwhelming, just reach out to one of our Personal Travel Planners, they’d be glad to help.

CAA Member Rewards

Spend CAA Dollars on Membership renewal, on Cineplex Movie Vouchers, theme park passes, East Side Mario’s and Best Western gift cards and…well… it’s probably easier to just show you the whole list.

A little more information about Personalized Travel Maps

Personal Travel Maps (otherwise known as TripTiks) can be created immediately online if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, or you can order a paper version. Just stop into a CAA location or request it online and we’ll get it to you free of any charge.