Emergency Medical
Travel Insurance

We understand that an unforeseen medical emergency can lead to large, out-of-pocket expenses and an early end to your vacation. Emergency Medical Travel Insurance takes the stress out of travelling by making sure you're covered.

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Coverage Includes:

  • Emergency Medical Coverage up to $5 million (CAD)
  • Emergency Dental Expenses
  • Return of Vehicle
  • Family Transportation
  • Subsistence Allowance
  • Medical Repatriation
  • Escort and Return of Insured Children
  • Return of Remains

Read our policy guide for full details.


Upgrade your Coverage

Travel with extra peace of mind before, during, and after your trip by adding benefits to your plan:

  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption
  • Travel Accident
  • Baggage Insurance


Multi-Trip Plans

Frequent traveller? Multi-Trip Plans cover all of your travel over a year – for one low cost.


Visitors to Canada Plan

Our Visitors to Canada insurance provides protection for family and friends visiting Canada or for holders of a Canadian work or student visa, a Canadian not covered by a Canadian government health insurance plan or an immigrant to Canada.



CAA Travel Insurance does not cover:

  • Routine prenatal care or childbirth at any time during your trip.

  • Medical treatment and expenses for your child(ren) born during your trip.

  • Complications, conditions or symptoms of pregnancy during the nine weeks prior to or after and including the expected delivery date.

  • Alcohol-related sickness, death or injury or the abuse of alcohol.

  • Alcohol abuse includes having a blood alcohol level in excess of 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood.

  • Any sickness, death or injury related to the abuse of medication, drugs or any other toxic substance.

  • Non-compliance with prescribed medical treatment or therapy.

  • Any loss resulting from a specific or related medical condition contracted in a country during your trip when, before your effective date, a written formal or an official warning was issued by Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, advising Canadian residents not to travel to that country, region or city.

  • While performing as pilot or crew member of, or travelling as a passenger on, any aircraft: flying machines or devices that are supported chiefly by their buoyancy in air, and includes, but is not limited to, any balloon, kite balloon, airship, glider, hang glider, paraglider, parasail, parachute, kite and wingsuit. Travelling as a passenger on a common carrier is not subject to this exclusion.

  • While participating in any maneuvers or training exercises of armed forces.

  • During your professional participation in any sport or your participation in any motorized or mechanically assisted speed contests.

  • CAA Travel Insurance only covers pre-existing medical conditions or symptoms that meet our stability criteria. (Refer to policy for Visitors to Canada and Package requirements). Stable means you have not experienced any of the following for any sickness, injury or medical condition before your trip: hospitalization, a medical procedure or intervention, change in medication, change in medical treatment, experienced new or more frequent symptoms, require investigation (other than a routine check-up).

    Note: Stability is based on age.

    Under age 60: Any sickness, injury or medical condition needs to be stable for at least three months prior to each departure date to have coverage. A lung condition requiring treatment with Prednisone needs to be stable for at least three months prior to each departure date to have coverage.

    Age 60 to 69: Any sickness, injury or medical condition needs to stable for a least three months prior to each departure date to have coverage.

    Age 70 and over: Any sickness, injury or medical condition needs to stable for a least six months prior to each departure date to have coverage.

    CAA Travel Insurance does not cover: a sickness, injury or related condition during a trip undertaken with knowledge you will require or seek treatment or surgery for the purpose of obtaining treatment or surgery or a sickness, injury or related condition for which future investigation or treatment (except routine monitoring) was planned before your trip or where it was reasonable to expect treatment or hospitalization during your trip.

For more information please read our policy guide.

Disclaimer - All Emergency Medical Insurance benefits are subject to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the policy. The Multi-Trip plan covers individual trips for the number of days for the plan you have purchased. If your trip outside Canada exceeds the Multi-Trip plan days, a Top-Up plan is required for the additional days (coverage is automatically extended without additional premium for trips solely in Canada). The total number of trip days in a plan year may not exceed the number of days that your GHIP covers you out of your province or territory of residence unless you receive written approval from your GHIP to cover your entire trip days.

Featured CAA Member Story

Worth Every Penny

Along the way in the past 10 years my wife and I realized we used CAA quite often. So we upgraded to the Premier plan. Then on renewal last spring, we signed up for the RV coverage too. In July we were travelling on the 104 in 34 degrees humidex towing the 5th wheel, when a rear tire blew damaging some of the wheel well covering. Called CAA. Within 30 minutes the service truck came and changed the tire and got us on our way. Total time on the side of the road for all that? 60 minutes. The peace of mind in these emergencies that keep popping up is worth every cent of what I am paying. Thank you CAA.

Thanks from Santa

My wife and I are Mr. & Mrs. Santa Clause in the Christmas season.But on December 17, 2011 we had just finished a daycare Christmas party and when we came back to our van our keys were locked inside. We had another party in about 1/2 an hour so we called CAA. The lady put it out on the air that Santa needed help so he could get to a children's Christmas party on time. One serviceman came really fast to our aid and could not let the kids down to have Mr. & Mrs. Claus at their Christmas party. My hat goes off to our CAA Service people everywhere.

Out in the Cold

My daughter and I were on a day trip on we stopped for gas and, oh yes, locked ourselves out of the vehicle. Luckily I had my purse with me and my CAA card. The agent said we would have help within one hour. And in almost exactly one hour a very nice and polite young man arrived. I have been a CAA card holder for about 15-20 years, but this is the first time I have used the card for emergency. On a cold day, we were able to leave and get warmed up in no time. Thank you CAA.

My Story

Recently I had an incident at the New Hampshire Maine Border. I was changing a flat tire, couldn't get the tire off, called CAA and the closest reference I could give them in regards to location was that we were almost under an overpass. Well within 12 minutes a CAA vehicle pulled up an changed the tire within 5 minutes. I would estimate that I lost no more than 30 minutes of road time due to the quick response of CAA. I used the Travel Service about two years ago, and the service and my trip was second to none. A member for life. Thank you to a responsive and continually rewarding organization.