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Service Line Coverage

You may not realize that as a homeowner you are responsible for the underground service lines that run from the street to your home. A number of problems can occur with these lines, such as rust, corrosion and system breakdowns, and they’re not covered under most home insurance policies.

Service Line Coverage protects you from losses due to damage or failure of these lines by extending your home insurance coverage to underground piping, wiring, valves and more.

For more information, please visit our Service Line Coverage page today!


Legal Expense Insurance

It's no secret that the potential costs of a legal dispute can deter you from pursuing your rights. But with Legal Expense Insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you’re only a phone call away from a lawyer.

When you bundle your CAA Auto and Home Insurance, complimentary CAA Legal Coverage will be added to your plan.

For more information, please visit our Legal Expense Insurance page today!

A few more extras...

New Brunswick Automobile Owner's Policy -
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Nova Scotia Automobile Owner's Policy -
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Prince Edward Island Automobile Owner's Policy -
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To qualify for the Auto Insurance CAA Member/Loyalty discount you must be a current CAA Member in good standing (CAA Membership dues paid in full by membership expiry date). In Nova Scotia, the savings are calculated on CAA Membership tenure and Roadside Assistance usage. Maximum discounts vary by Province. In PEI, a maximum of 10%, in New Brunswick, a maximum of 12.5% and in Nova Scotia, a maximum of 20%. Savings are subject to change.


Electronics & More

Our new Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage covers everything in your home against electrical or pressure system breakdowns.

Free Tire Coverage

As of November 1, 2012 CAA Tire Coverage is being added to your property coverage for free upon renewal if you have both Home & Auto insurance through CAA Insurance!

Broad Coverage

No matter what your lifestyle, we can meet your needs…we’ll cover your car, home, property, cottage, recreational vehicle or watercraft.

Featured CAA Member Story

Worth Every Penny

Along the way in the past 10 years my wife and I realized we used CAA quite often. So we upgraded to the Premier plan. Then on renewal last spring, we signed up for the RV coverage too. In July we were travelling on the 104 in 34 degrees humidex towing the 5th wheel, when a rear tire blew damaging some of the wheel well covering. Called CAA. Within 30 minutes the service truck came and changed the tire and got us on our way. Total time on the side of the road for all that? 60 minutes. The peace of mind in these emergencies that keep popping up is worth every cent of what I am paying. Thank you CAA.

Thanks from Santa

My wife and I are Mr. & Mrs. Santa Clause in the Christmas season.But on December 17, 2011 we had just finished a daycare Christmas party and when we came back to our van our keys were locked inside. We had another party in about 1/2 an hour so we called CAA. The lady put it out on the air that Santa needed help so he could get to a children's Christmas party on time. One serviceman came really fast to our aid and could not let the kids down to have Mr. & Mrs. Claus at their Christmas party. My hat goes off to our CAA Service people everywhere.

Out in the Cold

My daughter and I were on a day trip on we stopped for gas and, oh yes, locked ourselves out of the vehicle. Luckily I had my purse with me and my CAA card. The agent said we would have help within one hour. And in almost exactly one hour a very nice and polite young man arrived. I have been a CAA card holder for about 15-20 years, but this is the first time I have used the card for emergency. On a cold day, we were able to leave and get warmed up in no time. Thank you CAA.

My Story

Recently I had an incident at the New Hampshire Maine Border. I was changing a flat tire, couldn't get the tire off, called CAA and the closest reference I could give them in regards to location was that we were almost under an overpass. Well within 12 minutes a CAA vehicle pulled up an changed the tire within 5 minutes. I would estimate that I lost no more than 30 minutes of road time due to the quick response of CAA. I used the Travel Service about two years ago, and the service and my trip was second to none. A member for life. Thank you to a responsive and continually rewarding organization.