Auto Renew

For your convenience, your CAA Membership will automatically renew unless you advise CAA otherwise in advance of your annual renewal. This will ensure you enjoy the uninterrupted coverage and savings your CAA Membership gives you every day. Depending on your payment selection. your credit card will continue to be charged either monthly or annually. We will send you an Annual Statement every year and if you wish you can make any changes to your coverage prior to your Membership renewal.

About Monthly Pay

Instead of paying one amount annually, you pay only a fraction of that amount monthly!

You can choose to have your Membership dues paid automatically from your credit card on a monthly basis.
The costs calculated are for an annual Membership spread over 12 equal payments that include a $12 annual surcharge.
By choosing monthly payments you authorize us to charge the method of payment provided for the amount due in 12 equal payments. Every year, at renewal time we will send you a billing statement to remind you of this arrangement and show changes (if any) to amounts for the upcoming year.
Your authorization remains in effect for each 12-month Membership year and can be cancelled at the end of each Membership year by you or CAA.
If a charge to your card for monthly dues is declined your CAA Membership may be subject to cancellation.